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About trading and addiction

Jay V

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Recently I met a friend who is clean and sober 5 years ago (from alcohol and drugs). Actually he is doing rehab because of compulsive gambling. But is not the classical casino gambler, he lost a lot of money on trading virtual coins (crypto currencies, Bitcoin, etc). 

so I wonder if there's relevant information about this topic. It's like a casino but without bet limit. It seems p interesting to study

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19 minutes ago, MorganGalvan said:

Hey there. How's your friend doing now? I've never known that trading could be addictive.


You can trade on high risk assets. You can use so called ‘leverages’ that means you can use 1k$ with a 100x leverage, so instead of investing 1k$ you can invest 100k$, so if Bitcoin just moves up 1%, you made 1k$ profit. You can get rich in one night, or lose everything in one second, because if the asset went down 1%, you wont just lose a part of your money, you will be liquidated, that means you lost everything. High risk, high reward -> Easy addiction. 

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