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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened



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For those who do not know I have actually made my own movies as sort of side hobby right now but here a link to the latest one I created a couple months back, plus if you click on my profile you will see some other movies I have made and see where I came from and where I m going. here a link if anyone is interested http://movies.tmunderground.com/watch/what-s-your-passion 

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I failed to metion how to view my movies on that site so I gonna give you some more clear directions on how to navigate so it does not confuse you. 

1.Click the link

2.What Your Passion? movie should appear

3.To right where it said zeke365 click on that 

4.Then to your right, you will see 14 videos click on that

5.That should give you list of all the movies I have made so far.

I hope this clears up some confusion cause some you may have click on my profile and thought a temporary night or other movies on top were mines and they are not but ones I have liked. 

Thanks for viewing them and leave a comment if you like to on each movie,

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