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Hey There from England.


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Hi all. I'm Paroxism. I'm male, 23, and live in the UK near London .

I grew up playing video games and I have previously made various attempts to quit. I manage to get away from games for a short period of time, but seem to keep relapsing and returning to them. I'm sick of the feeling that 'life was meant to be more than just 12 hours of gaming a day' and 'that I'm not living up to what I think I'm capable of'. I don't fully understand why I play games exceessively, but I think it is because they distract me from stress and allow me to escape my internal critic, atleast for a while. 

I'd love to get to a point where I am consumed by meaningful work, other interests and social engagements, and don't feel the urges to play games constantly. I'm a reasonably smart guy, with a good science degree from a top tier University, and I think I could achieve so much more if I can keep myself away from video games!

It would be cool to get to know some of you and hear about how your journeys to quit games are going, and what you are finding is helping most!

- P





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