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Hey guys

Found out about game quitters last year but wasn't quite ready to invest myself in the community. There was actually a meetup in Toronto the next day too, if I was more of a spontaneous person I totally would of gone but it was a bit to sudden for me then! I've got quite a bit of free time on my hands now these days so I'll be looking out for any future meetups. I've been spending some time familiarizing my self with the website and your stories, it's comforting to see so many people who've recognized how much of an issue gaming has become in their lives and their willingness to overcome it and shape themselves into the people they've always dreamed of being.

Things have been a bit tough for me these last few years. My parents split up last year so, lot of family drama. Mom's still having a hard time with it, little sister still not on speaking terms with Dad and little brother is in a bad spot struggling with mental illness, anxiety and depression, just like his older brother! We both inherited the mental illness from my Dad's side of the family I suppose, but I also got the hair loss, not him. Lucky little bastard! I suppose i'm still coming to terms being bald at such a young age (22 years old, like wtf?!) I'm not in school anymore, don't have a job. Was in an apprenticeship program but I left due to the depression and anxiety. It's something I need to get on top of and it's affecting my relationships with people, and something I have to figure out before going back to school or finding a job. 

So life took a bit of a turn last year (Fuck 2016) and for over a year my coping mechanism was to hide in my room, smoke weed, and play video games. Something I'm always doing, but with no school or job and with the introduction of weed and alcohol it's kinda starting to get out of control... As you can imagine. I've always been creative, good at working with my hands, but everytime I pick up a hobby, I guess I just get to frustrated at the lack of progress I make and I always get pulled back to video games. I'm tired of sitting around in my room all the time in front of a screen. I've picked up a few things over the years, and I'm really getting into wood working, and am pretty good a carving spoons, and I'm working on my third Bow right now (70 inch Ash Longbow), but even with this natural talent and hand eye coordination I'm gifted with, I still put a lot of this stuff off, and get drawn into playing video games.

Did the detox last year and only made it to forty days, but it was in that time where I made a huge leap in spoon carving, to the point where my work was good enough to start selling for some decent cash. Now I've smoked all my weed, did one last gaming binge, and I'm ready to start fixing myself. I've got other problems besides video game addiction that I need to work on, but it's a step in the right direction to being the guy I always pretended to be in video games. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community with you guys. Maybe the problem I had with quitting in the past was that I tried doing it with myself with out the support of others. 

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Hi Abbcott, welcome to the group!

The woodworking thing sounds really rad, you should be proud of your abilities even if you feel like progress isn't coming as fast as you'd like! As I see, continuing onward and working through those frustrations is its own form of progress.

If you get to the point where you want to sell bows, send me a PM as I'd be interested in buying one (if you're comfortable with exchanging info of course). My wife is interested in archery and longbows in particular, so it would be cool to surprise her with one as a gift.

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