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Removing App Store Triggers - Mobile Gaming


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After watching Module 6 I've been eliminating triggers around anything game-related. However, I got stuck removing triggers in relation to mobile gaming. I have an iPhone and a big problem for me was downloading an onslaught of games from the App Store. Is anyone familiar with ways in which I can remove this trigger?

The problem is I can't delete the App Store from my phone. Even if I could, I would occasionally need to download an app for everyday use, such as Google Calendar which I downloaded yesterday. On opening the store, there are advertisements for games everywhere. I'm curious as to whether this is similar to YouTube's related content, where if I delete my download history they will stop targeting me with games. 

A quick search online has provided me with an option to set a restrictions passcode, mainly aimed at parents preventing their children from downloading content. This is a feasible option, where I could enlist my family or girlfriend to keep the passcode confidential, meaning I would need to go through them in order to download anything. They would have to be there in person to enter the code in so it doesn't go through me however. That's why an accountability partner wouldn't work. There's no way I know of to limit the passcode for only certain purchases.

Searching also led me to another, slightly more bizarre workaround. I'm experimenting with putting my phone in black and white to reduce my addiction to it. Here's a quick video about it. So far so good. My phone is seriously boring now. Instagram, the App Store, even just the home screen have become boring. 

Does anyone have any tips? Has anyone battled with mobile gaming addiction and won?

Edit/ I just updated to ios 11, and now it's even worse. There's a dedicated tab for games alongside apps, rather than hiding them away in categories. Is Apple trying to get us all addicted?

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The black and white solution works really well from feedback I've seen.

Setting a parental control up could be good and I don't think there's a workaround other than that - however what I want to remind you of, is that you'll never be able to fully block games or access to games out of your life. It's like if you were an alcoholic, there are liquor stores everywhere. The only way to truly overcome this challenge in your life is to transform beyond it, where having access to games does not even matter because they simply no longer appeal to you (they no longer trigger you) in the same way. In the mean time, continue taking all of the positive steps you've been taking, and continue to develop a new relationship with yourself full of new values and experiences you want to embody.

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