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Fruits and Vegetables are losing nutrition due to elevated CO2 levels

Debius Broojs

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can just take more supplements in the future if this trend continues. Antioxides does not work in supplement form though. 

As far as worrying about the nutrients decreasing due to the carbon dioxide, consider maybe growing your own or buying organic. Or as the hip kids would say it 'biodynamic'. The problem won't be improving any time soon unless the fruits are grown in some sort of private greenhouse or building where the air is controlled i guess.

I don't know how much truth there is to the level of effect that bio-dynamic can have but to me it makes sense in theory if your really that worried (the idea of having multiple types of food growing in the same patch as when they die and return nutrients to the earth the soil becomes more well rounded). 

As far as supplements go, do your due diligents about it. There's some good content books that are rather anti-supplementation due to the systems lack of regulations and the fact that the studies done are normally at their core flawed, weighted, incorrectly focused on the concept of reductionist science (i.e. trying to pinpoint cause an effects to just 1 thing which often isn't doable) instead of wholistic. 

For content on that read the book Whole, or consider watching What the Health on netflix. 
And keep in mind there are a lot of studies suggesting that consuming goods in a supplementation form and not its natural form isn't necessarily healthy, and contrast is far less absorbed (up to 23x less in one study of vitamin C in an orange vs a vitamin C supplement of equivilent amount). 

But try not to stress too much :)

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