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 The reason I did it is because I was going into two stores best buy and Barnes and noble all the time and thought I did everything, So I invented this game a few months back. 

I thought about when my family went on vacation how I would like to visit different stores out of the norm than my own town then started applying to my own town. What if I was the new kid in town and I did not knowing anything about it. So I started basically walking a shopping district by parking the furthest and walk the shopping district to the other side, but would not go into any of the stores so I could I see all the stores and see stores that looked interesting to me, on my way back I would go and explore the stores that look interesting to me. This has helped me become more aware of what around me and other things I can do in my town, plus I get little exercise in and it quite enjoyable being outside doing this. 


1.You must park (if you drive) at the furthest store and walk to the last store on the other side (don't do this if it to big like half a mile unless you want to but not to small either)

2.Look at all the stores names as you walk without going into any of them. 

3.On your way back remember the stores you want to go into then go into them and explore

4.These stores must be out of the norm but you can go into if you like, this game is to find new interesting stores to explore in your own town. 

5.Remember your the new kid you don't know any of these stores, this not your town (even if you know your town still play it like this)  what do you find interesting? 

6.Do do walk in shopping district if makes you feel uncomfortable 

7.Be safe and have fun with it. 

This game I have done of late and it actually quite fun to do and I keeping thinking what other areas can I go to do to use the same method. So I hope this helps you.  I have been doing this whne I feel bored or need something to do just to get out of the house. 

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