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My addiction is gone

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Day 139

It's nearly 5 months already since I quit gaming and I don't really miss it anymore. Just getting some really small urges time to time nowdays, which is super easy to beat. I used to play games for boredom, anxiety, loneliness and just for nothing about 8-12h / day.

Games I played was

CS:Go - At first it was really hard idea to quit that one and I easily played like 4-6 match day or even more + all the practicing I spent to "master" each weapon spray control, utilities and other stuff which was easily was 2-8h each day. 

World of Warcraft - If I didn't play CS I played WoW and it usually was min 6h / day for grinding and pointless things. I think it actually was harder idea to quit WoW than CS, cause I used to spend so much time on it, but all I had to do was to give all my in game stuff and gold to stranger gamers on my server and never look back again.

And some other stuff.

I was at my friend place last weekend and one of my friends asked another friend if he can play one match CS:Go. Ofc. Well, I tried it as well and for a moment it was funny but 5 min in total was enough. Realized that I don't really miss it or need gaming anymore. I already have too many other things I really want focus in my life.

Last five months have been really nice time, been alot more social person, have seen friends alot more, my social anxiety is nearly gone (Not only cause gaming, but it's a big part of it I think), got alot of motivation and time for music production. And on top of everything, I finally realized what I want to go study and where to apply next spring. Of course, there have been bad and boring days when I could have installed everything back but in case I'm about to install everything back, I simply ask myself: "Why?" and don't get any good reason why to install those back.

Thanks for this community, without this I couldn't have done this.

Good luck for everyone!

Road to 1 year!

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Hey Juha, 

Awesome to hear that you are doing so well without games! I encourage you to keep doing what you enjoy and dont be afraid to try new hobbies 



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