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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

The cravings! *WARNING: Reading this post might cause cravings*


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Today i woke up, and i wanted to play morrowind. I want to start a new game and ignore all the quests and just live in a hut, do alchemy and go exploring in caves. It would be nice and relaxing. 

I've gone 14 days without gaming now, and i know that if i relapsed the enjoyment i would get from games would be thrice-fold from before i quit. My whole body is fixed to morrowind and i see images in my mind of the adventures i would have.

What should i do? I'm on the verge of relapsing.

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@grengen Put a physical barrier between you and the game right now. Get out of where you are, take a walk, go do something or see something, no matter how uncommon for the normal you it may sound at first.

Then, allow yourself to relax and stop thinking about the game. Don't try to force the thought out of you, acknowledge you're thinking about games, nothing wrong in that. It will pass. 

Reflect on this. You can go to game right now if you want. Nothing is holding you back. Nothing but an individual, intentional choice you made. You're hanging on that choice and that choice alone. Why did you stop playing in the first place?

Remember the reasons. It's not beyond you, each moment you don't play, each day, hour or minute, you're taking and renewing a decision. You have the control of your life and what you decide to do. You could game and have fun in the moment, but then you'll probably feel bad and defeated. And if nothing else, you can at least wait and game after a month, 90 days or the goal you've set for yourself, and either have a massive blast of celebration or forget about it and keep going.

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Thanks for the reply :D I took a long walk, and i feel more in control now. 

What really helped me about your post was reminding me of the choice i've made. I chose to quit games because it was a destructive force in my life. But of course i'm gonna want to play, i've played games my whole life so this is new for me.

My family and friends don't understand why i want to quit, they think gaming is a harmless hobby for me. So it's nice to not have to explain my self here.


I will not play games today!

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Great to hear that man, acknowledge yourself for your victory. Even if the worst case scenario happens and you end playing later on today or in the future, you still took the action of walking and fight the urge. It won't happen though, right? ;)

Never think in big numbers to fight cravings, each little decision you make and each second doing the right thing has its worth and counts. Congrats on those two weeks! It gets easier, trust me (and trust yourself).

And, if your family and close circles are being an issue, how about starting a journal here in the journal section? You wouldn't have to disclose anything you don't want, just have your own space to express freely how are you feeling. 

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