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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

after 1+ month of quitting video games almost relapsed very badly...


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So last night i was randomly browsing YT and in the recommendation i saw a video about Zelda Breath of the Wild. Since i used to be a huge Zelda fan and i played every Zelda game till Breath of the Wild i  tought that it wouldnt hurt me to watch just 1 video game related video.. So i watched it and i didnt think much of it till today.. I woke up and the first thing on my mind was this new Zelda game, i watched some 10 videos of this game this morning.. Damn i was very very very VERY close to buy a god damn Nintendo Switch just to play a frikkn game. But i smoked some 2-3 cigarettes and had some long distance driving to do and got that console out of my mind in the meantime. Phew thx god im not going to buy a friggin  350 euro nintendo console and a 60 euro game...

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The economic barrier is a great tool in your recovery. I got used to pay for Steam games to feel the thrill of being legal and earning achievements, and when I quit for the last time I messed up my account so I couldn't return to my library. I haven't had serious cravings for those, since I'm aware I'd have to pay for them again if I wanted to play at the same level. 

Mindless browsing is also a thing to be concerned. YouTube search engine is used to your previous gamer life so of course it's going to recommend you gaming related videos (it already does on average since they are so popular). As you've seen, one video can lead to the next and then to 10 and then a relapse. What actions can you take to avoid that?

Cravings will happen to you (I'm more than a year without games and I just had a craving for a game I used to play for free), so don't be scared too much about them. What matters is your conscious choice, and you chose the right thing, put some distance, get distracted with something else and let the thought go away by itself. Great job!

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