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Made it through 90 days!

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I just counted up the squares on my "90-day strip" -- seems I passed the 90th day last week.  I still don't have a single game on my computer, haven't even played my once-favorite on-line 8 Ball Pool.  Instead, I've gone back to science and math projects that got waaaay neglected.

But 90 days doesn't look like it will be enough, in my case.  All the crud and tensions that were submerged in gaming started surfacing somewhere in Month 2, and they aren't going away.  So Cam's June 12 posting on responding to a shitty day was perfectly timed.  Thanks (how did you know?).

I'd be interested to learn if anyone else has noticed this.  Once the fog lifts, ya gotta face the landscape.

At least, I've gotten back to the subjects I missed. (Would you believe, it's taken me 5 YEARS to complete Grades 3 - 8 math!!!!!).  Sadly, one of my main real-world coping mechanisms has had to be put on hold -- broke my right arm in 4 places back in January.  The cast came off mid-March, but the specialist says no music (I play recorders) until I lose the "trigger finger" in my right hand.  I've been running away from meditation (music took its place, nicely),  but I guess it's time to deal with that now.

PS:  Gardening is also good for what ails ya.  Dirt, bugs, weeds -- and making things grow.  Very real.

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