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The world's first comprehensive mental fitness training program


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Hey guys!

I've created a program that allows you to "systematically train your mind to reach Olympic levels of mental focus and develop a world-class work ethic."

Cam suggested that I share my program with group, and I'm interested to see what people think...

The #1 problem with all of the productivity tips, apps and systems out there is that they fail to address the lack of attention span - our natural ability to focus and concentrate on only one thing at a time for a long period of time without getting distracted. 

It's not enough to block out external distractions like the Internet and other people, because you still have to deal with internal distractions - urges, temptations, tiredness, and everything else that lies dormant in our minds. 

Without solving the root problem of having a low attention span, every other productivity solution in existence is useless. That's why you can jump into a productivity tactic and actually end LESS productive and MORE stressed from where you started. 

My program does what no other solution does - TRAIN you to stay focused and become progressively (and noticeably) better over time. This is the real secret of concentration that nobody ever talks about. 

The key is to treat focus like a muscle that can be trained and strained to become bigger and stronger over time. You need a comprehensive program that contains several mental exercises, each exercise being performed at varying difficulties, with the next exercise being gradually harder than the previous one. 

My program is:

* UNIVERSAL! Anybody - no matter your lifestyle, gender, age, personality, or complete lack of concentration - can follow the system and go from zero to hero. Think of it like sharpening a pencil...it started off dull, but as you sharpen it you turn it into a writing instrument that glides beautifully on paper. 

* EASY TO USE AND FOLLOW ALONG WITH! The program goes at YOUR speed and accounts for individual progress. You won't need any expensive equipment - in fact, you will end up using common household items in the worse case scenario. Everything has been laid out for you, and all you have to do is follow the instructions and perform them in the order provided.

* PORTABLE! This program can be done anywhere in the world at anytime. As long as you have the instructions with you, you can train your mind and improve your concentration.

* DELIVERS RESULTS! Don't be surprised if you leave the program with superhuman levels of focus available only to the most successful and elite of people. You'll experience immediate benefits in concentration with the first few excises, but you'll truly experience grandmaster levels of focus and concentration if you finish the entire program. 

I'm curious to see if there is anybody in the Game Quitters forum who would be interested in testing out the program.

Right now, the entire thing is absolutely free of charge and I would be around to answer any questions you have at any time. I'll be making this into a paid product later, but I'm really eager to have some beta testers run the program and see the end results. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this - I really appreciate it!


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