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I should not be using a forum, but...


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My name is Henrique, 21, I'm Brazilian, I am a graduate mathematics student and I have some things that block improvement in my life. One of them is gaming. It's not so worrysome today as it was in other times. But some times I fall and I play in an unhealthy way. It's not that hard to me to quit, but I want to do it anyway. The matter is: I am studying for a master degree, I look back and I see that I've wasted a lot of time in videogames. This semester I started in a terrible way because I was playing. The last time I played was a week ago, but "socially". I was in my cousin's house and we playes two FIFA matches. It didn't affect me, as fas as I know, but I don't intend to play again. I need to officialize my 90-day detox start, even if I avoided it for some weeks. There's no game in my notebook now, I uninstalled them all after I played Skyrim too much. I keep the PS3 games because my 9-years-old brother still play it and I can't change it.

My bigger problem is the struggle against pornography and masturbation, since it's even more harmful than gaming. I am trying to leave since last year and I failed last thursday, losing a 50 day streak. This made me come here.

Explaining my title: Technology in general causes me issues. I use technology just too much, and forums were part of my failures for years.

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