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Small step and I hope big results - 90 days


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Yes, I still struggle with the social. I actually dread the weekends more than work. And I don't like it when people around me talk about who they're visiting, what cool things they're doing. It's not easy. I keep fighting through it, knowing the changes I'm making will help me overcome my lack of confidence and isolation. Of course, I have to do my part too.

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I guess most of gamers have this in common. For me and I think for several (or maybe most?) other people is the rejection thing. When I get rejected I tend to isolate and that leds to lack of confidence later on, because I do not try, because of rejection and so on. It gets even worse if you just do not do anything. I think eventually it will be better for us if we try :)

Recently I felt pretty good. My bell pepper is still growing, I have learned some new recipes which requires juicer and blender, new tastes have been introduced to my kitchen skills. I really liked RPGs games propably because of statistics and aquiring new skills after beating some monsters, doing quests, so I had to have figure something similliar to this. In terms of statistics I have started to use cronometer. Its app that tracks your every single vitamin, mineral, carbs, fats and protein that you take while eating food. My quest for every day is to fill every RDA to 100% by eating normal healthy food only, by far it is amazingly satisfying. I am constantly discovering new super-rich foods. And my life literally is RPG :) in terms of skills I'm learning new gymnastic/calistenic movements swimming and climbing, although the last one I neglected recently.

In terms of relationship and friendship it is pretty a linear non-progressive aspect of my life. It is not improving. The only thing that I tried is have a meetings with the girl that I mentioned earlier. It ended too soon that I would even imagine, but I will go to my collegues wedding so maybe I will meet someone new there. Little EDIT: yesterday, because of wedding I started to write invitations to girls on facebook that I have in friends list to be my partner on wedding. ATM I get 5 rejections so far due to various reasons: mostly absency on that day. Well, needless to say I'm not pretty happy about it, but it is was it is. I will try anyways. I got that on my worst scenerios, but I guess that is how it looks like when you do something that you didn't do for so long.

Progression in every aspects of life is slow, but I do really enjoy them. I am very gratefull for them. Hope you are having a great days, Cheers Chris

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I just wanted to say that I found a girl to accompany me on weeding. I was surprised that weeding was pretty fun and I talked with lot of nice and intelligent people, I danced with the girl and bride and other girls/women. So much fun despite the fact that I am introvert. If I read this in future (maybe you will take this advice too :)) I just wanted to say that I strongly suggest to find someone to go with on weddings! No matter how many rejections you get, you will interest invited persons and maybe these girls will take the consideration to ask YOU to be their partner! One of them asked me how was on wedding couple days after I guess, just from curiousity.

From the wedding until now I had very nice and calm days. Lots of cooking, climbing, excercising. I have forgotten how to play games, litterally. I don't even know what are new games atm and I do not really want to know. I found  my writings on paper about how I feel after long gaming sessions, way before logging my days to gamequitters forum and according to them I felt terrible. So I dont want to go back to this.

Wish you the best. Chris


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