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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming


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Hi guys!

Excited to be here and begin this new journey of mine with all of you like-minded people!

Gaming has caused me trouble for most of my life I guess, I just haven't really acknowledged it till recently. I'm currently taking a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, and during this semester my gaming habit really screwed me over. I've stopped reading and attending classes, meaning that in some of the courses I'm now so far behind, that it seems hopeless to catch up again.

Also, my social life has suffered pretty badly, my financial situation has gotten worse together with my mood, and yeah, a whole lot of other bad things started happening.

However, this has gotten me to the point where enough is enough. I'm truly committed to doing the 90-day detox with the help of Respawn and you guys. I want to create a life worth living, instead of wasting my time on things that doesn't matter.

So, thanks for reading and stay strong! We've got this!

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