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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I quit gaming. So I made a short film.


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My name is Matt. About a year ago I found game quitters and decided it was for me. Gaming was my purpose in life for about twenty years. I needed to reframe my relationship to gaming so that I could move forward with my life. Not long after my detox I got a job offer at a bank in my town. I've been a teller since September of last year.

I also decided to embark on a personal journey to stretch my creative muscles.

I met an old friend who I had a falling out with about five years ago over a girl. Before the falling out we made Machinima which if you don't know what that is, it's basically film making inside a videogame. We created a series and made several episodes before giving up on it before finishing it.

Now years later I reached out and asked if he wanted to make films together again. We started working on it in November of last year, and finished it a couple of weeks ago. We we're allowed to present our film at an Indie film festival at the local university even though neither of us are students there. While we didn't win any of the prizes offered, we got to get on stage and answer questions about the film. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Even my parents got it, which is a good sign we did something right.


(Me on the right with the bear looking like a proud son.)

My biggest contribution to the film, was starring, writing, and recording original music and ambiance for the film, and while it isn't perfect, we're extremely proud of what we accomplished.

Gaming has a part in my life now. I play video games occasionally, but were it not for my initial decision to quit gaming for that 90 day period. I would not have gone to the party where I met up with my old friend Justin, who was the director and creator of the premise of the film.

I'd like to share it in the hopes that it might help someone to realize that when you let go of the thing that dominates your life, you're free to pursue new more exciting ventures.

Thank you. Please feel free to leave a comment on the video.



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I especially liked the fact that your video didn't have a tidy, clear-cut ending . . . . cuz life's not like that anyway.   Showing both extremes was important, especially the way sides are being taking in North America these days.  Congratulations on the production -- to all of you.

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