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Raspberry Pi


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Is anyone a Raspberry Pi enthusiast?

I really enjoy tinkering with it (or at least the idea of tinkering with it) and building little projects for the lols. I have always wanted to get my hands dirty with them and I think now is the time, spurred on by using a Pi as my computer at home rather than my gaming machine to create another barrier between me and playing games.

I removed the Minecraft & python games entries tonight because I hated how they were staring at me.

Anyway, it could be a fun hobby to fill the void and wondering if anyone else here likes them, we could start a group.

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What did you build it into?

I am searching high and low on how to make a portable RPi. I have tried building one into a Droid Lapdock, but there isn't enough space. I am currently contemplating either building it into a shell of an Eee Pc 900 or just using the official HDMI case and taping a battery to the back. There are pros and cons for each; the con for the Eee Pc 900 plan is I can't find either a HDMI/composite screen that size, or a driver board for the current screen; the con for the tablet plan is I won't be able to type on it.

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Sorry to necro bump this, but I've been trying to get into raspberry pis myself. I have two pi zeros, which I had at one point setup to be a NES/Gameboy emulation box. Stuffed it all inside of an old NES cartridge, too. Was pretty neat. But I guess I won't be needing that now :) 

I've also really been getting into Python, so I guess all I need now are some project ideas. Any ideas? 

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