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Hey there 

im Jake im a 19 year old and and feel as though im 13 or less lol and want to break out of it and catch up on life experiences and that

Basicly as a kid ive been rather sheltered everything done for me which may of led to me just playing games it was easy to get and so picked it up i felt fine until about high school where it changed a bit and as being a foreigner in the uk i assumed it was that (from US) and that led to me trusting people severely less, where i ended up just playing games instead which fed that and there were a fair few ppl out  there though which approached me and i did get along well but gradually overtime grew more distant and then and since the end of that i came to think its to do with games perhaps with the lack of experience out there and running back to it to prevent that idk as then thts all i could talk about and a bit now but much less so while others did their own thing i felt a bit like an outsider

I think that was the main problem which games made worse as i couldnt maintain the friendships enough or relationships for that as the social skills are still a bit limited. Towards the end of that ended up just joking around being sarcastic to get laughs out of people but that was the limit as i couldnt really go beyond that. But for presentations or work stuff easy super confident you would think im some1 else which i still cant really understand to this day anyways 
Recently scrapping that moving on, started working out, joined some airsoft and living 1 day at a time i dont feel depressed or anything but i think im getting closer to that i feel incomplete as have lost courage to talk to people in groups but 1 on 1 easy but sometimes a pause here and there and i feel awkward on that but removing games may be a good start 


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