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  • 2 months later...

Day 253

It's been really great journey, that's already 8 month since I decided to stop and do something else.

Well, do I miss gaming? Sometimes yeah, have even played few games on my friends computer and have had small gravings after I have come back to home, so really small moderation is possible for me but not going back, after 8 months it's a lot easier to just decide to not install those back and focus for more important things, like practicing for school, music etc.

Also, found out cryptos like a month ago and it's been a really great journey, really enjoying to read and learn about new projects which is part of what I'm going to study, and also get great profit on the side.

Time seems to go too fast, even faster than it went on gaming nowadays.

What I'm grateful about this journey?

- Been a lot happier than before when I was just gaming.

-I have good plans and been able to actually work towards those.

-Got better at writing my emotions down.

-Been really active on music production aswell.

-I'm a lot more social nowadays.

And a lot more!

If anyone would have told me one year ago: "Hey Juha, are you planning to quit gaming and do something else maybe" (Well some did even ask that I think) My answer would have been most probably: "No way I can do it, what else I can do than gaming?" But here I'm not regretting any moment, one of my best decisions in my life.

Trying to update this more often but let see since gotta focus a lot to school stuff so let see. 

Thanks in advance for everyone who spends the small time to read this, and for you, good luck on your journey, you can do it!



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