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Regarding the social part of the activities that replace gaming.


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I've got goal/skillbased and rest activities covered.However, i do not know what social activities to do.The only friends i have are in school,and when i'm outside of it i don't even talk to them.Especially in vacations.In short, outside of school, i barely have any social interaction.What can i do?

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If there aren't any school based after school programs, try finding out what the current hubs or hotspots are around where you live.

1. You could do the ol' fashioned mall routine and walk around for a while, see if you recognize anyone. If you do, ask them what they're up to and consider if it's something you can jump in on.

2. Get involved in some sort of physical activity/sport. I know how cliche this sounds, but at the age of 29 I wish I had done this in 9th grade instead of wasting my time away with gaming and drugs. Pick something you know you'd be into whether it's rock climbing, tennis, or lifting weights. There's sure to be a gym or some sort of related recreational center around that caters to the activity. You'd be surprised how easy it is to make new friends in these areas.

3. Pick up some other form of outdoor hobby like fishing or photography. Something that will cause you to be around others. Eventually small talk will arise, and you can always make new unexpected acquaintances which have potential to become future friends.

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