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KevinV1990's Art


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In this topic I will post my drawings/ attempts to drawings. I hope you will like them.

English translation: They will never understand what is going on inside my head. Yeah, of course I am happy every now and then, but then some yelling idiot stops by to criticize everything that I do. And then there are the moments where I'm mad at myself, or when I'm just sad. There are even times, when I'm completely empty and do not feel anything at all. However, these feelings will never stay, and before I know it, the whole cycle starts from the beginning again.


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Looks like you need to ground your emotions my boi! And I say ground because your emotions are like a static charge that accumulates in your head and you must earth it from time to time. People spend too much time cooped up in their head they don't realise they have this massive thing attached to their neck called a body! The body is a great way to channel your emotions- good or bad.

You really have to break yourself down and feel free to act retarded sometimes. You see what monkeys do when they're angry? They poop in their hand and start throwing it at the object of their vice or beat the floor and go "OOOHAHAHAHAGAHAGAHHAOOOOHHO!!!!1!11!". Obviously us humans have this arbitrary crap called society and we need to behave ourselves though; but if you don't really mind getting really poopy hands and perhaps a restraining order then please be my guest!

What I like to do is get plenty of physical exercise - on a daily basis at least with perhaps one day where I sit around and do nothing. Also, get lots of sunlight and fresh air. Cold showers are great too. Especially slamming your face into the stream and going "BRBRBrbrbRBBRbrbrBRhbhbRHbhGRhgGRHBhgh" with your cheeks. I also like to shake my body when I get up in the morning and stretch too. If you have ever had a dog you will notice they do this every morning. Breath deep too when you are doing this kind of shit. If you are out for a run; pant like a dog. If you are taking a cold shower; breath like a rapist in a children's hospital. This is the most difficult one but I like to do retarded shit around other people or just scream really really loudly when no one's looking. This will obliterate any self conscious behaviour. Try it and let me know!


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Thanks for the advice, especially the poop throwing. I will certainly try that one :P.

For me, art and writing are a way for to ground my emotions, just like working out. This drawing is some kind of accomplishment for me to have the guts to draw/write about how I feel, since I never had the courage to do so in the past. Just recently, I am accepting my feelings more, and I just say 'fuck it' against them and move on, which really seems to help most of the time.

But I still will be starting to throw poop to people, will be starting with that tomorrow.

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