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My performance on the bike increased after a day off. So it's actually positive to have some to let the body rest! Still have to check out a cardiologist knowing my family's medical histories.

I had a very busy day at work and I brought back some work home. It's the first time I do so, and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed working on a few things from home.

My busy week didn't permit to come and post or read a lot on the forum. With the amount of new members and new journals popping up it's going to be really hard to follow everyone. That's why I might keep journaling to myself and just discuss particular subjects on dedicated topics.

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Well I rested for 4 days. I only resumed my fitness yesterday, and "only" did about 10 miles instead of 17. I didn't feel tired and maybe that's the rhythm I have to set. I'll see how I feel and I'll make sure to have one or two day's off. I still have to make an appointment with a cardiologist to check if I'm fit to do all of this because even after 10 miles, at about 60 rpm, I don't feel ok at the end. Not really exhausted, but also not ok ^^

Had another hard week at work although in hindsight, it wasn't that hard. It just feels hard to hard with someone negative all the time instead of getting the work done. But I take a lot of pleasure doing my work.

Yesterday I felt empty and sad without knowing why. I had a coke and 1/3 of a pack M&M's. Here goes the diet! ^^ Maybe that's why I didn't feel happy :P


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