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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming


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You win Cam, I am here and revealing myself in my true form! 

two-zero-one-seven zero-four zero-five Cold turkey inbound for all eternity.

Your videos might have been the tipping point for me to stop playing video games, I will not confirm or deny these things, alas when I get enough money I will definitely try your respawn program. I am really lacking when it comes to self discipline and this guide will probably clear some of the confusion as to what I'm supposed to do with my time if not conquer the worlds in total war or company of heroes. It's really late, please excuse my erratic writings on the wall. I should probably go to bed now, school tomorrow will be hard otherwise. I just want to add that I'm really just laughing in the face of death, well not actually in the face of death but at the situation I'm in, there's nothing I find funny about my addiction apart from the fact that I'm actually addicted which is hard to admit... Anyways hey everyone and good night :ph34r:

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Welcome to gamequitters. You should really start writing your own journal, I would be interested in your path quitting video games. To afford respawn: you can sell your gaming related stuff :)

Welcome to the community friend!

Thanks for the warm welcome, well it's a quite the paradox I've got on my hands I both like programming and writing fiction and both requires my computer, but when I sit in front of the computer I get cravings to game. I've actually started to work on my traditional pen  & paper skills and it's like I am writing like a cave man and it kinda ruins the flow. But yeah, as soon as I get my next student grant I'll definitely respawn

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