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Not the usual addiction


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Hi. My name is Fabian and I want to share my addiction, which is quite odd. I'm addicted to Warcraft 3 modding. I don't have any problems when it comes to playing games, but the Warcraft 3 editor has caused some problems in my life I believe. Sometimes I can sit for an entire day just modding, which usually involves scripting code, texture editing, 3D model editing etc.

For the past few years, because of this, I always believed that my passion is creating games. I suppose in a sense it has made me extremely productive. I've worked towards building a portfolio and thought about applying to various game development educations. This has kept me very motivated and this is the direction I have been moving.

This year I recognized that I might actually be using it as an escape, since it makes me isolated and antisocial, and did a detox for 45 days and then relapsed. The problem is that if I abandon this career path, I feel like I will lose all direction. For example I enjoy creating websites (for my work), but when I stop the modding I no longer have the motivation to make websites.

My current plan is to start University after summer, in Software Engineering or Computer Science, and find other computer-related work without gaming. But I worry that it will not work out in the long run and I will always have the craving to create mods/games.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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