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Weekly experiments (Episode 4: Intermittent Fasting)


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Weekly experiments (Episode 4: Intermittent Fasting)

Welcome dear reader. Since around three weeks I am experimenting with intermittent fasting. You don't know what intermittent fasting is?

No problemo! I'll describe what it is,, my eating habits and my positive and engative experiences

Topic of the week: Intermittent Fasting

What is intermittent fasting?

It means that you eat some regular periods of time nothing. These periods of fasting are atleast 13 hours long. And yes you do this freely and not because someone implanted a bomb in you  which will explode because you took a Snack in your fasting period? Why would anyone do this?

There are a lot of potential health benefits you can possible get out of it as science suggest. Here is an awesome article which links the actual sources. The reason is that your Body has two different mechanisms to gain energy. In the first and Prior mechanism it burns carbohydrates to produce ATP(which is basically a carrier of usable energy). It works fast. The  second mechanism is the so called Ketogenesis is using Body fat to build Ketons, a group of molecules which  which are used in another metabolism to create ATP.

It is an interesting topic but pretty technical so I'll let it by this because it covers the Basics and I am to lazy to learn all the matbolism processes involved.

I personally started the experiment mainly not out of healthr easons but because I wanted to simplify my daily Routine. I dislike to spent so much time on lunchbreak and I disliked preparing breakfast. I also wanted to avoid bad fodd in the University mensa.

I started just to eat nothing until 3pm. This way I only eat a meal around 3pm and around 8pm.  This way I would have an time window for eating which is 5hours Long. At first it was kind of sceptical if I coudl manage this because I tend to eat a lot and get hungry fast. But it went surprisingly well. The week it took a bit to get used to it. But Despite my fears and some stomach rumble it wasn't as hard to not eat.

I get the feeling that beeing hungry is dramatized a little in our culture. I don't mean starving kids I mean people living in the first world  complaining about not getting fast enough to lunch. It isn't great. It isn't a big deal either. And you'll definitely will not faint only because you forgot lunch damnit!

Still the results of the experiment are a little bit mixed why I put them in to categories. It depends if I find a way to counter the negative effects with furthere experimentation. Maybe the positives are are worth to live with negative ones. Im not decided yet but I'll continue the Experiment for the time beeing and maybe reconsider it at some point in the near future.

Positive results: of the  experiment:

- My workday got mroe productive and instead ofa one hour workbreak I do now 30min of Walking through a nearby forest every day.

- In the evening I can (and actually ahve to) eat a lot and what I want ( I still eat only "proper" foods. No sweets etc but it wouldn't be a big deal for my calory intake)

- I didn't loose weight ( this was a fear of me because I am pretty skinny)

- I got more awareness about the things I eat and my energy levels

- I drink  way more water

Negative results of the Experiment:

- I got smelly breath ( this seems to be normal by fasting and can be helped a bit by drinking water regulary)

- I usually have a low energy Phase between 12-13. I'll try to Counter this with going for a walk which seem to work decently

- Less time in the evening, because I spent a lot of time eating :)


I hope you ahve now a little more insights about effects of intermittent fasting. But eb careful and remember that even if ti is as healthy as some scientists beleive you still Need to eat good foods to have a healthy Nutrition. It isn't a magic pill of any sort. If you are still itnerested in trying it out here is a more in depth article about the topic .

 Next week:

I will talk  next week about Prioritization.,why it is important and how I do it. As always any comments and questions are most welcome.

See you next week or on the journal and always remember: It is a Work in Progress.

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