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First day quit again, another step toward recovery


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Hey guys. I just got over a relapse and I learned something that I think will serve me well in the future. Most people will relapse, it's just the way it is. But it's really important to be hard on yourself without beating yourself up.

What i mean is take your recovery seriously but if your so hard on yourself it becomes self deprecating your hurting yourself and your chances of success. Instead think of what you can do different this time.

PS: I'm finally using this website as a resource so I'm (sorta) new to posting here. I'd love to make some friends who are like minded and going through some things that are similar. Let me know if anyone wants to talk. I pretty much only have a phone now, but i can talk/text via skype or kik. Also i've been known to run some voice/text only D&D games via discord and i might be convinced to start one up (Don't do it if it's a trigger for you though!) if i get enough people.

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