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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

A road to a better Life


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Day 1 

Hello People of Internet,

Let me introduce myself: My name is Matt, I am 23 year old that 1,5 year ago moved from Europe to Canada to complete higher education and start a better life. I've been invested in games since my childhood, started when i was twelve playing 2D mmorpgs with real friends. At age fifteen I discovered a passion for computers, not for gaming, but programming/networking. So after that, gaming wasn't the same, i was always looking at games differently, how they were constructed, what worked, what didn't. At that time Counter-Strike 1.6 was very popular and many people played it, i heard my friends always complain that they never had a place to play. So i, as a techie guy, decided to create my own server, where i could play with my friends. Quickly after that, server was full every day. I've never realized this before but i always had an entrepreneurship mind, so i turned this server into a small business quickly. This process repeated itself with different games, people till 2016. 

For past five years I've been trying to quit gaming, to focus more on studying(programming, math), only to be back where i started five years later. Past year was a complete disaster, i moved away from my friends, family(only my father lives in my city) for education, just  to find myself playing games whenever i had free time. There were days when i woke up at 6am to be more productive, just to find myself playing games at 7am. The worst part was, that every time i had day off(work, university), i made myself list of things to do next day, which none of them were even started, because i spent all day playing games, feeling ashamed, and pathetic afterwards.  

In August I started to be more active, i signed for Martial Arts class( Jiu Jitsu ), met awesome people and loved it since. I feel like that was it, i was out of the house, away from PC spending good time with newly meet people. I installed special software to organize my time and be more productive, it helped a lot at the beginning, because i am awful if it comes to time management. Started programming again, narrowed what i want to do in a future and drilled it every day for couple of hours. I did not need games anymore, i still played them but not that much. 

For past month i went year backwards, again... Almost everyday in December i spent in front of computer playing games, i felt ashamed and pathetic again. I had everything sorted out and suddenly... BOOM! Back where I started. 

Today is the day i decided, that this is it. I am done. NO MORE !!! 

Quitting games for ever.

There goes my action plan: 

  • I've already purged all games, steam backups, backups of backups from external hard drives, all gone. 
  • Gave all my game accounts to my old friends, so they can change passwords, and i can stay away from being tempted.
  • I have not installed any blockers, as i don't see the point if i can remove them in 2 minutes, so... ( the force is with me and i am one with the force :) )
  • Less mindless browsing internet, news in a morning,  work/school related stuff, and that is it.
  • Fill my time with interesting activities: snowboarding, mountain biking, skating, reading, studying, programming, martial art
  • Quit games, for ever

My Goals

  • Improve my time management, organization skills ( already ordered a book on amazon, apps on phone already installed )
  • Improve my English( writing, speaking )
  • More focus into upcoming semester
  • Read books... a lot ( Ordered 12 of them )
  • Be more fit, eat healthy, exercise when i have time( i am actually quite fit, because of JiuJitsu training that i started in August )
  • Make weekly, daily goals for improvement 
  • Dress better
  • Be more social, randomly start conversation with 5 strangers every day. 
  • Attend events, concerts
  • Achieve Private Pilot license( long term goal, as it's expensive )
  • More to come 

That is it. I am ready, happy. Hopefully by writing this it will help me stay away from games. 

I might not be able to post daily, but will do my best, as schedule is tight right now. 




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