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My Journal - anonymoose


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January 7, 2016,

I decided I should elaborate on myself since this is technically my journal  xD. This is my second post and I was so excited to write because it turns out these posts are something I really enjoy doing! I'm 15, I grew up on, games, more than 88% of my friends are gamers, a bit socially awkward but, if you read my other post, you would know this (no hate if you haven't). I've always felt... basic. I never found my talent and that made me extraordinary. I've ALWAYS wanted to be more. More than a game addict, more than basic, I wanted to be a hero. 

During my first week of the detox I really wanted to go on League of Legends with some friends who were begging me to but, I wasn't going to relapse again. Never again. I told them no and they didn't take it too lightly so I decided to move on. I actually inspired someone else to follow which made me feel pretty good. It's SO difficult to stay grounded when most of your friends are gamers though. 

I honestly feel lost. I'm waiting for that light in the dark, the thing I feel is missing from my life and it's really been bugging me. That feeling of missing something so important to you but, I don't even know what the hell it is! Maybe I just miss school and I'm starting to get a little school sick (weird eh?). I lack motivation, I have no goals. I'm also not sure whether I should do Chemistry or Physics. I don't have enough electives....

Until next post, I will continue to build up my passions. search for motivation, and focus on my studies. Thanks for reading.

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