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Recently I have quit gaming (again) and in order to help me with that I need to make a planner. In the past I have made a 24/7 planner for 2 weeks which was very time consuming, but it was very detailled. A downside to this though is that it doesn't include downtime or a change of plans, like small talk after working out. Can you imagine "oh, according to my planner I need to do my homework right now, goodbye!" in the middle of a conversation? Or traffic delay. You get the idea. I want to create a planner which is easily made, preferably on a smartphone app with notices for important obligations. But I don't want making a schedule consume too much time either.
I was wondering how those that do make a planner are making it. Are you planning in blocks of 30m, do you cover 24h or only a portion of the day? Are you using it as a guideline or strictly following your planner?
Please share your ideas, I will be happy to implement others insight into making a planner!

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