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A Core Priniciple of Focus


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So I've been working on focusing more easily for a long time. I've noticed more clearly now that the times at which I am less focused, I am emotional about something. Either I'm too stressed out about something, or something else is getting under my skin emotionally.

Meditation has helped this a lot, but it takes more than that. You have to be able to understand what's bothering you and how to keep a larger perspective. You have to find ways of understanding how to make your emotional state better.

Which is no easy task, but I am finding that there's a direct correlation over a very long period of time where procrastination for me has come from feelings of insecurity and anxiety associated with the work I'm doing (because it's very hard stuff). Learning to let go of that, it's made it much easier to just dig into things and stop procrastinating with everything else I've been working on.

I felt like making this into a post, because I never really realized how vital it was to being able to stay focused on mentally demanding tasks. I suppose if I was doing something that didn't require me to use my brain very much, being stressed out might be fine. But, such is not the case for me.

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