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Moving from Desktop to Laptop


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I am contemplating on selling my Desktop and move to a Laptop but I am having some trouble here. First off, I don't have any games that I want to play at the moment nor any games in the future using the PC as a gaming platform, I have found that my enjoyment playing games on game consoles to be much more enjoyable and the chances of playing out of control to be significantly less. I have no intention of quitting games , rather, I would like to put my gaming hobby on long hiatus until I get my life back in order.  My intent for selling my desktop is mostly due to the following reasons; first, while looking at past receipts of my exorbitant purchase of computer parts to be a good deterrence in purchasing more unnecessary computer parts, there is a chance that sometime in the future, I may just break down and buy some gaming hardware due to the open nature of the desktop, everything is upgradable whenever the heck you want.

Second reason is the increasing toxicity of my mother, my computer is right next to her, for a long time now, my mother would constantly pick fights with me, monitor what activity I am up to and somehow , constantly assert control. She has been doing this every since I was a child, for a long time now, I had thought it was my mother trying to lookout for me but it reached a point where I began to feel very uncomfortable around here; I started using headphones actively. I visited a psychologist who also agreed that her interaction with me is not healthy and that I should avoid contact with her whenever possible. The psychologist has diagnosed that I am relying too much on computers as a coping mechanism for my mothers dysfunctional behavior and that I should slowly break my reliance of it.

Which brings me to my current situation, I cannot move my computer to my sleeping room because of two reasons, faulty electrical wiring and poor ergonomics. My house is over 10 years old, within that time period, my parents did not bother with the maintenance of our wiring. Plugging in my computer or Internet modem box to the any wall outlet in my room would result in abnormal behavior, computer would randomly turn off every 3 seconds, unstable internet and what not. As for ergonomics, I cannot move in my height adjustable table in my room because the previous owner of my house was an idiot . He had the idea of not only guerrilla gluing a wooden table to the wall but my bed frame as well, unfortunately, it is ridiculously big and it occupies half of my bed room. To make matters worse, there are no more available rooms in my house, every room is already taken and has a high chance of having a faulty electrical receptacle. As of today, my parents still have no intentions of fixing our electrical wiring, too costly they say. My parents are also having phantom computer problems which is electricity related, yet they can deal with it somehow.

Hence why I think a laptop would deal with this issue effectively, but there is a major trade off, laptops are not as modular as their desktop counterparts. Newer laptops all have soldiered in parts that cannot be replaced if defective. This would mean I would have to buy extended warranty plans for proprietary laptop parts. Ironically, my father was generous enough to have bought me a Macbook pro as birthday gift, however, I am primarily a Windows guy,  Mac books are secondary usage due to the high cost of the Mac platform. After wasting my entire teenage years to a computer screen, I have sworn to never buy another computer or related parts unless absolutely needed. Yet, by selling my desktop and getting a laptop instead, I feel that I am wasting money when my desktop is still capable and could have easily be converted to a non gaming rig.I have no more intentions of using the PC as a gaming platform so this is not an issue at all. Selling my PC would not be enough to cover the cost of new laptop nor would it address my concern of self repairing laptops. Despite all the financial set backs and breaking my solemn vow of never messing with computers again, my increasing contempt for my mother is really putting the pressure on me to do buy a laptop.

Need help please!

P.S If anybody wants to see my messed up room, design I have uploaded it





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