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An Agreement With Myself


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I had kind of a shitty few days. Kind of got lazy and depressed.

It started out with kind of just wanting to have some sort of nice stimulation to relax after working hard, but it grew into staying on the internet too long and not getting things done. Which, inevitably turned into sluggishness and having a hard time pushing myself to go out and bike.

So, I made an agreement with myself: I'm going to be good to myself and I'm going to fundamentally develop the habit of doing the right thing for myself no matter what.

So, we'll see how this particular experiment goes.

EDIT: I think a more nuanced way of this is instead of calling it "self-compassion," call it, "be on your own side." Not just like a coach. You recognize your own mistakes, and what lead to them. Don't burden yourself with guilt for no reason. Don't give other people that kind of power. It's silly. It's not beneficial to you and who are they to judge you. If they have the power to make their judgement have impact on your life, then that's stressful - but that doesn't mean that its something to feel guilty about.

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