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So I was totally out of it for about a year but I relapsed late August.I've been hitting 15 hours straight per day .I managed to quit for a couple weeks while on vacation , but I relapsed again after I got back home mid August.I've been playing a lot , I've tried quitting again by deleting the games, uninstalling my desktop pc and moving it away but I just cant keep away from it.It's exams period and I missed a few exam classes cause I wasted my time gaming rather than studying.I'm midway through the exams period now and I decided that this  uninstall - install and hit 16 hours cant go on anymore,so I am back here looking for some support.

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I cant pinpoint it to just 1 thing.I believe I relapsed because I was not satisfied with my life, I had put in a lot of work on my self and had no results to show for it,I am bored and stressed with my school as well.Recipe for disaster..I'll start a journal like you suggested

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