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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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You know what irritates me the most? The fact that i could've quit gaming years ago, but chose not to, and that is the biggest regret in my life, I am going into year 9 on Monday. On my first day of year 8, you play video games everyday until your mum tells you to go off (bed), and I defended myself. I look back and that, and realise that he was 100% right, which is the sad thing. Sometimes, I go on my xbox that I rarely use, to see that all of my 15- 20 friends from the school i used to go to, are offline, and have been offline for months, and that haunts me the most today, the fact I had the chance to quit when they did, but I didn't. I stopped playing for my football/soccer club as you call it in America a few years ago, because a kid was mean to me, and only recently, I have opened my eyes and joined a different team, and started playing on my ps4 for a max 2 hours a day.

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