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Hello :)


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Hi everybody,

I'm from Canada, 23 years of age. I have struggled with various addictions over the years - cigarettes, alcohol were the two main ones. I've noticed that gaming is more insidious. For me the substance abuse had clear negative impacts, and so there was a clear motivation to stop. Also, I had the support of friends/family to quit, since they could clearly see the issues it was causing for me. The harms of gaming are much more subtle, and that's why people don't take it as seriously (myself included). I never viewed it as a problem until I tried to quit for good a month ago. And guess what? I couldn't! It was way harder than quitting drinking. I must have deleted/uninstalled/reinstalled steam 6 or 7 times until I decided to delete my account permanently.

I am confident that I will succeed this time, as I've decided to get serious, and I have the benefit of having already conquered some very challenging addictions (quitting cigarettes in particular nearly made my head explode).

Thanks for the support mates!

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