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I'm still here


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I haven't been doing my challenges or logs or daily errands for a while now. I personally feel it's ok since I'm taking in much more from this visit to China. I'm tired and under rested, against my efforts of learning Chinese my communication is hit and miss with a population that don't speak English. The signs, notices, roads and places are all in Chinese which little I understand. The weather is humid, sticky and boiling with terrential rain at times. The air is off the scale polluted, streets are dirty and most toilets are squatters with no available toilet paper. My digestive system is doing gymnatics at times because I'm not use to the food, which doesn't help with the toilet situation. I have travel anxiety where I get nervous that on a coach or train I'm going to piss myself, even though I don't need to go. I'm 1000's of miles from home, my mobile has a battery life of a lemming, my cash card been declined from fraud protection. There is no youtube, google maps, google drive, google search, google anything, the alternative is in Chinese. I'm over my head, overwhelmed, under rested, mostly lost with no real plan to speak of.


At this moment I am happy. I have good friends who try to help me out as much as they can. I met 3 people on a hiking trip to the great wall who I regard such appreciation for. One of which paid for my flight to inner mongolia and my taxi to the airport. I finally have the cash card working to pay her back.

I even had a random kid today buy me an icecream out of the blue.

I have some plan when I come back home. Things to work on. I'll be continuing on with my challenge, my daily workload.



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