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137 Days free from gaming

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inspired by Cam's enthusiasm I will now share my success story


137 days ago I made the decision to quit gaming and it's been one of my best decisions in my life (along with NoFap, which I started with in October last year)
I am 29 years old and I've been gaming since I was 6 years old.

Before my life was almost empty, I felt alone, out of touch with other people, disconnected and lost.
I had some things going for me, like karate, eating relativly healthy and a good job but I felt I was drifting away from other people and my relationship with friends and family was fading away... not to mention the relationship with myself.

Before I would sit in my chair in front of my computer every weekend like a zombie, mindlessly browsing reddit, facebook, imgur etc... and if I wasn't browsing I was gaming despite not feeling entertained... I had this sorrow inside of me and I felt alone.

Recently I discovered that I was slowly sliding back into my old habits of mindlessly browsing the internet, but thanks to Cam's video on how to stop browsing the internet, I now feel I am back on track and here are some of the things I've achieved so far:


  • Found courage to go out alone and approach people
  • Been more outgoing
  • I feel more fulfilled
  • Been seeing my friends and family more
  • Better self esteem
  • I feel happier
  • I desire to travel the world
  • I feel more relaxed

There is still work to be done and room for improvement, but I am on the right track

So thanks to Cam and this awesome community for being there, helping one and another getting a better life!


TL:DR Quit gaming, became happier and living a better life, thanks all!


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