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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

On The Pain of Gaming Addiction, by Exeldom


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I remember writing this as if it were yesterday:

Something happened during these months that bottled up despair, addictive behaviour, and an overall failure of quitting.

Many of my initiatives failed, and today something terrible happened.


I am in college and we have assignments to do. I have a partner who knows I'm addicted to games and even though he does all the work he still asks me for help and I swear to him I'll do something next time.

But there will be a next time in about an hour and I can't explain him why I didn't do shit.

This has gone too far. Gaming during exams and assignments. 
Gaming that corrupts the other areas of your life.
What's worse, I have no passion for my course and I do not do anything else more important or desirable (aka an online business that frees me from the 'everyday stress') because, guess what, games are easier.

But games are harder though. It's harder to live with this burden in your conscience than it is to do what you want to do deep inside your heart. 

The best person will always succumb to irrational decisions revolving around protecting and perpetuating your gaming habits.


Several 1 month and 1 week gaming cold turkey stops along the way, always relapsed. 

This isn't good for anyone.


And to prove to you people that this sucks, and to give you even more reasons to drop this fucking shit, I'll be posting sporadically some extra thoughts On The Pain of Gaming Addiction.


I hope this helps.



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