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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

this will be boring


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day 5


Ok so this just happened : today I cracked a problem that simply crushed me before, I FINALLY had the strength to stay, look at a piece of code I simple gave up on before (and today too but having all the extra time I forced myself again and again) AND I UNDERSTOOD IT. I failed (or close to) a mini exam cause of that but now I get it and it's so damn obvious. And it only took me a day ! Thought I'd take me weeks. Holy hell this could allow me to pass one of the two exams that were going to get me rekt and I KNOW for a fact I'd have retreated into video games again and again and again today if I tried this. This may have just changed my life forever.

Thank you guys for the support and the idea. You can't believe how hyped I am, this is a major victory for me.


Also, had some gaming urges today but nothing unusual. I think they are actually normal since I get an urge to do pretty much anything but study so there's that lol.


Anyway, thanks again guys, I can't really put into words how happy this has made me

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