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I am a compulsive liar. Seeking help/book on how I can stop being a liar.

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This problem of mine, I want to be more truthful, be a honest person. But oftentimes, I just returned to the old ways when I am in uncomfortable situation. 

So, I am a compulsive liar, and my trigger seem to be uncomfortable situation, or wanting to frame myself in better light. I want to stop this habit of mine. But so far, I haven't found any way to do it. 

Also, I do lie to myself. Procrastinating is also a problem, since it has been a habit for me to estimate the time needed to completion and saying it's alright, when it's really not.

So, this is so wrong to me. Considering that I am a statistician, this can have so many ripple, which would endanger not only myself, but those around me. Fortunately, I don't have a job yet. 


Anyone can recommend me book/video/any other media that deals with this?

P.S.: I'm not american. Psychiatrist is outside my capability to pay. So, I'm trying to deal with this myself.

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Got similiar problem as you, without knowing you, or your history. I am going to suggest a book to you, you resonate exactly with who I am, our history's and or personality's may be different. But the symptoms are similiar, first thing to do is accept that the road to becoming honest again, won't be easy and there is no easy way.

If you are however, ready to start changing. Read Models by Mark Manson, I went to page 80 so far, and I have struggled with the amount of truth this guy is dropping, his book about getting woman, but in fact his book is much bigger then that, it's about being who you are, and learning to find friends who like you, for you. learning to say no to people and drawing boundaries. To sum it up in a word or two, to be vulnerable, not as a weakness but as a strength.

If you are true in what you wrote, it won't be easy, but becoming yourself will increase your life happiness by 300% (since you are statistician, this is a big promise I am making, but trust me when I say, this guy Manson, is the real deal, he doesn't lie about it and doesn't try to sell you anything but the simple message, be yourself and of course he explains the theory behind all the aspects you need to fullfill to be able to accomplish this well, as he explains, improving one aspects, improves the others, so once you get going on making genuine change, and improving yourself you'll will glow with excitement and chances are. won't even return to this site, ever. Too busy being awesome and rich in personality and (girl)friends.

Hope this helps, any questions you have may have are welcome, if not thats fine too. I can completely identify with you, and let me tell you, it's not easy asking for help, so I congratulate you on making this post. However, I must add as a final note, I believe the compulsiveness is something which can be shifted slowly and over time dissapear. First it's inner change, then outter change. However, I am no expert, to add to that, I even lied earlier today... which I feel crummy about, I didn't lie a lot, but enough and I don't like it.

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