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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Interesting TED talk about "Opposite of Addiction"


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I found this talk this morning, and I felt like I was able to relate to it.

For me, gaming addiction has always made up for my lack of a social/intimate life. I've spent very little time connecting with people around me because I was always afraid of being vulnerable to people. I thankfully have had a loving family - despite my parents being divorced since I was 7 - but outside of that, I hardly ever found any real tangible connections for myself outside of what I inherited, and whenever I did, they mostly came and went just as I let them. On top of that, I never trusted my parents to know any of my bad habits (they still don't know I'm on this detox from video games and porn addiction). The only person I ever trusted was myself, and because of that, I've lived a relatively shallow life away from all the people I ever could have known. Only recently have I realized that my lack of connection with people is what has brought my gaming habits to the level of an addiction. To protect myself from my loneliness, I instead gamed to my heart's content instead of challenging myself to break out of my habit loop and find people to enjoy life with. Although this TED talk is specifically about drug addiction, I feel like this can relate to gaming addiction as well.

I know that everyone's situation is different. I just thought I'd share in case anyone might feel the same. I really think that the will to openly connect with other people and to the world itself is the best chance anyone has to break away from a major addiction that cripples their life.

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