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Day 14 of QGC, 75th day of no gaming, 1 week of nofap :D

Soo this felt pretty hard. I opened my eyes couple of times becuase I would always hear a weird sound and I had to look because I was curious. I also had trouble concetrating for such a long time and I felt like my mind was wondering too much. Otherwise I am pretty happy with how other things go. I scheduled a lot of things for today but I slept 2 more hours than I wanted so my schedule was kinda screwed over so I didnt do a lot of things, but atleast I knew what I wanted to do and I was intentionall with my activities.

Good day overall! :D

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thank you.

Day 15

So I tried to think of some things and I can´t really think of anything particular I am really scared of, other than a mission on day 8 :/. I will try to take some time, otherwise today was a pretty good day but I have troubles keeping up with the schedule wich is making me a bit sad. I still do the "hardest" things done, but i didnt play harp for a while and piano. I guess that´s it for today :).

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@Cam Adair the challenge, I still didnt compliment a hot grill :/.

Day 16

I actually like my voice lol :D. I am pretty happy with the way I talk, I don´t think I have ever talked with the SR voice in my life, mabye it´s becuase I am Czech Idk, but I tried it and sounded a bit like a homo (no ofense), I tried to do the BR thing also and I it looked like my monitor really pissed me off :D.

That´s it for today.

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@Cam Adair I have no idea :/.

Day 17 + 18

Soo I don´t know if this is a Canadian/American thing (I am actually pretty sure it is :D) but we don´t use "How are you?" as a corvesation starter very oftren, this is such a stupid way to kill a conversation in the start. I don´t even know if I have ever used it. You can always kinda guess how is the person feeling at the moment, and if you feel like he´s happy, sad or w/e you can as acordingly to his mood. "Something like you seem to be a bit sad did anything happen?" "Why are so pissed off?"

Here and there I meet people who use it, but I don´t thing I have ever used this so yeah. I work in a hotel where I get to meet a lot of poeple and have these types of conversations, also I like to joke with employers of supermarkets and shops if I feel like they ar ein the mood :D. I actually think I am overall pretty good at conversating whether it is short random conversation or some kind of long and deep conversation. I don´t introduce myself only if I know I am going to be meeting that person again tho.

For day 19

I am trying to find some places in Prague, I am also going to a swing concert so I guess that counts aswell.

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