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Regarding Willpower on quitting things


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Let's say you are trying to quit gaming right. Is it really good to sell your consoles or hides your games or sell your games? Or is it better to just fight it and leave them be and just ignore them to build better willpower? Same thing with NoFap is it better to install siteblocker apps or blocking websites via IP address or making guest accounts or just leave it as it is? Just wondering because I've been hearing multiple different sides of the story saying that there is no point in selling computer, laptops, game consoles, steam accounts, blocking websites using programs like K9 Web protection because the moment that we see games or a NSFW site again it will just cause all of those cravings to come back again thus making us go back to Day 0 or Day 1. Just wanted to hear people's opinion on this. Thanks.

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I think this is true as long you don't work on the reasons behind your cravings. Improving your willpower is a longtime process. If your are addicted to games you usually don't have the willpower to quit. If you had enough, you would stopped gaming in the past. Thats why you set up a high wall between you and gaming. You can still train your willpower. They are tasks you can do everyday to improve your willpower day for day(  sit straight everytime you are before a computer) .Willpower is a muscle and you can actually build up( there is scientific backgroudn behind these claims, if you want i dig up the book and their sources).  Just pretending that your be able to not play games if you get triggered or that you can play in moderation right now, is like saying you can do 20 pullups, but in reality you can do one. Sure you can get to the point but right now it just isn't the case. You have to train for it.

The other reason is that it isn't only a question of willpower. Gaming is often a response to special feelings or emotions. I played games if i felt overwhelmed or stressed and needed distraction from real life. And then i jsut palyed as long as i could. Now as I realized what (atleast one) reason behind it was, i can build new habbits and better ways to handle it. But if i never stopped gaming by restricting myself i would just played in such situations and never evaluate my emotional state. The goal here is to find better ways to handle such feelings and to find new goals and activities wich are more important and fullfilling to you.

Conclusion: If you are addicted, you have to sell and delete your gaming stuff. Period.

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