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Is my dad addicted to Solitaire?


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Since I started reading the forum, I am more sensitive to symptoms of addiction in myself as well as in other people. Now I am afraid my dad may be getting addicted to the simple game Solitaire. He does not play every day, but when he starts playing, he cannot stop for hours on end. He loves watching television, so when I want to see my favourite series, I start the game for him so that he would not pick something else to watch, since we have only one tv set and in this case I would not be able to watch the episode. So in a way, I contributed to his addiction :( The problem is, my series starts at 8 p.m. and lasts an hour, while dad continues to play Solitaire almost until midnight :( He can play a lot of Solitaire matches one after another, he is pretty fast, but hates to be interrupted while gaming since he wants to get the best time possible. When Mum asks him to do something while he is gaming, he says he would do it later and does not want to stop playing. He usually has to finish a match even before he goes to the toilet, hates leaving the game for a minute because he would get worse time record for completing the Solitaire. Is my daddy addicted to this game? Or is it simply his way to relax and I should not worry?

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Lo and behold, I got super addicted to something as innocent as Solitaire recently, so much that I had to uninstall it in fury. For me, it was both a way to relax and not worry, as well as a major addiction. There is something intensely bothering me every second of every day, and gaming provides (provided?) a relief from that. It's possible something is eating up your father, in response to which he does not have adequate coping skills. Or he may be doing it for a different reason altogether. Best way to know is to ask him?

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