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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Nick's journal


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Another one proves, that quitting video games, changes life for better :) Journal is only one of many things to help you on your journey. It's great to hear that you made it without. Live a life worth living!

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Making this post as a big thanks to Cam for providing this platform. 

It has been a while (few months) since my last post. I don't feel the need to journal anymore, but I felt like I had to close this chapter. 

Ever since I quit gaming my life really changed. At first I got bored all day long but as months passed I changed my gaming with other habits. Reading, drawing, learning new stuff, spending more time with the kids. It's been great! :-)

So... Thanks Cam! I came across this platform at the right time. I'm sure you're going to inspire a lot of other people to quit gaming and change their lives. I'll keep watching your Youtube videos and read your e-mails. ;-)

Thanks for the post! Super proud of your success :)

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