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A Loss of Environmental Awareness/Normally-Attuned Senses

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One of my favourite things to do/feel of late has been showering and walking to the supermarket nearby. I would have been doing this the first thing in the morning, but it feels like an ordeal - until after exercise, when I know I need to clean myself up and can also tolerate the hot/cold water and the scrubbing/rinsing (my apologies if that's TMI).

--> To the point, when I've been walking out of the door onto the street after another almost-whole day without gaming, I haven't even been half as happy/able to really check out my surroundings - people/drivers/bicycles, basically movements - before lumbering through the doors of the supermarket. 

Now, I am convinced that this might be a small price to pay for not spending ~5 hours a day being hyper-vigilant on my game, which messed with me even more, but I still lament the long-term ability it seemed I had to take care of my surroundings. Has anyone else felt this ability falling by the wayside?

To compound that loss, I recall my Dad solemnly saying that 'most people are only looking out for themselves.' I don't know how he, or even my brother, perhaps achieved the means to keep their heads held high, not reflecting or thinking too hard in public, so that they could keep an eye on everything whilst remembering why they were outside in the first place. I tend to think that with my own head held up, I am more liable to form proud, snap-judgments of people not doing/saying/feeling what I am - so I think and reflect at almost all times. Maybe it has to do with purpose and responsibility - my loose and comfortable 'uniform' and out-of-practice commanding tone I used to use with my 2 pet dogs on walks. I still have a trained eye, but I don't know what I'm looking out for much.

I am still hopeful, but I'd like to know what everyone else here thinks, and whether I should just be standing up straighter, or stiffening up my upper-lip, etcetera. I just don't want to take things for granted.


~ Matt


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