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working towards day 30..

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2 hours ago, TryingToBecomeAnEngineer said:

DAY 26
my productivity hasn't quite increased.

i'm still behind screens, especially nowadays for personal reasons. i hate it.

studied for just about 2 hours today

I'm up to around day 26 now as well. Being sick with a cold for almost half of the time kept me in bed reading, not wanting to sit up at the PC desk, but now I'm there just out of habit.

I used to prepare pizzas for work, and so receiving an order made me try to think of all the ways to complete it and arrange the toppings, and quickly at that. Gaming also added to the 'need' to respond to everything.

Now when I plan to study something, - taking notes and arranging information - I feel the same immense pressure to get everything out fast, which kind of overwhelms the initial curiosity that made me want to open the books in the first place. Time should help - maybe if you have a large living space, you could clean something every 30 minutes to an hour. That's what my dad told me to do. lol

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