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Social Media Addict -> 20 days later

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Starting university, I decided to trully focus on my academics.
After experiencing the worst year of my life, I decided to quit doom scrolling.

Didn't think of myself as an "addict", scrolling mindlessly on social media is such a normalized activity.. how could it be an addiction?
I would see youtubers quitting doomscrolling and on day 1, their productivity would increase. They would study, go out more..
For me, that was NOT the case...

In every attempt I made in quitting, I was irritable, experienced anhedonia and anger, as well as boredom.

My relapses, also, were a bit.. intense. I would stay in the same position, for 6-8 hours, scrolling. Without eating or drinking water.

On April 10th 2024, I decided to finally quit doomscrolling. I almost had a few slipbacks.. but I am managing. In the meantime, I'm focusing more on my schoolwork, and I've completed an online course! Made a list of hobbies/activities to keep myself occupied. It's not easy, but I know there is hope. My goal is to devote myself in my passion for engineering and enjoy the journey of becoming a knowledgeable and skillful engineer!

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wrong date :))
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