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How do you deal with bad mornings?


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I'm talking about mornings where you just want to pull the covers over your head and forget about everything. Where every breath feels like a struggle and your mind is spinning with chaotic thoughts. How do you pull yourself out of that and is there some kind of helpful routine that you like to follow?

I've always been a very sensitive person during mornings, even when I'm in a happy place. It's like all that positive energy that I built up yesterday is completely drained and I have to start from scratch again. And now that I don't have gaming to help me escape these feelings I'm left a bit clueless as to what to do.

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Firstly it's great being aware that you can build up positive energy. Since my medication change I've been terminally mindful.

Routines - when I had class early last year, as soon as my alarm went off, I'd turn my really bright (lucky I have one) overhead bed-light on so I couldn't fall back to sleep, muttering 'oh s***' and going from there, making my bed and eating breakfast (I ate less while studying because I could only bring so much food there, so was always keen for the first meal). I also had to walk 20-30 minutes 3/5 weekdays for it, a habit I've continued this year. That, with or without music, tended to clear my head. 

Other thoughts - feeling for better or worse responsible for the people I'd be spending the day with gets me going, because I think of so much people seem to say carelessly (which often worries me in itself) like it's expected at least one person will always be looking out for them; it's so much harder to need wholly present positivity all the time for feelings of safety and security. 



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