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Study about an app to help gamer regulating themselves


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Hello, I'm and I am a student in Berlin. 

I am at the moment working on an app and try to find some solutions to help gamers regulating their habits or maybe offering them alternatives. 

I hope this isn't misplaced , I am here only to find honest answers to try to help, I was also a big gamer myself for 6 years and failed my previous studies because of that so I would have enjoyed having a tool to help me have an overview and regulate myself. 

Here is the survey


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Hello, It's great that you're working on an app to help gamers regulate their habits and offer alternatives. Many gamers struggle with managing their time and finding a balance between gaming and other responsibilities. Developing a tool that provides an overview and helps users regulate their gaming habits can be beneficial. Your personal experience as a gamer who faced challenges in managing gaming and studies adds valuable insight to your project. Good luck with your app development, and I hope it brings positive support to gamers in maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.

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